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I’ve been promoting a new site for the last week, and because it’s in a very broad area, I thought I’d once again experiment with traffic exchanges and purchased traffic.

And again, I’ve found that traffic from sites like TrafficSwarm convert poorly, traffic from purchased packages that come from expired domains and popups convert dismally (which is two steps downhill from poorly), and traffic from InstantBuzz, while harder to get, converts a little better than both put together.

And once again, traffic from signature files in forums has all those other methods beat by a mile, or ten, or more.

Forums are great. As long as what you post is helpful, and as long as your sig link looks interesting, you’ve gone half the distance to getting a lead or a customer as soon as they click.

And as a result, the new site is off to a great start.

Now, if someone wanted to start a service, offering a forum posting service where they researched answers to particular questions and responded intelligently to posts with their customer’s link in the sig line would be a neat thing to try.

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  1. Hans says:

    THanks for this tip 🙂

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