Well this is a surprise. (Thoughts on TrafficZap)

Yesterday I bought 1000 visitors from TrafficZap … mostly because it was cheap, and I thought I’d experiment with a few more traffic exchanges than I did last year.

With most of the traffic delivered, I was surprised to check my stats to find that I actually converted some of that traffic. 1.4% of it, in fact.

While that doesn’t seem like a spectacular number, it is the best I’ve gotten so far from any non-targeted traffic purchase.

I’ve got a few more results left to come in from text links and AdBrite, but when I start over again with the best of the cheap traffic, I have a feeling TrafficZap is going to be included in the mix.

Gosh, I love being surprised.


  1. wendy says:

    An update: A second blast of 1000 visitors resulted in a 2.2% conversion rate. I’ll need to experiment more, but could it be that weekend visitors convert better than weekday ones?

  2. Tom says:

    When we tested the service, we got high conversion rates–probably even higher than your rate of 2.2% (although we got credits through the exchange rather than purchasing them). You’re right in your conclusions–Trafficzap is a good service. We have a detailed review of them at http://www.thegreattrafficexperiment.com/trafficzap/trafficzapexperiment.html if you’re interested.

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