Bookmarking tool… is it worth releasing?

I’ve been having fantastic results with a bookmarking tool I’ve had my programmer build.

Fantastic isn’t the right word for it. Superlative. Awesome. Really cool?

Anyway, my original plan was to sell it, but it seems that the social bookmarking websites change their registration and posting information a little too regularly, and selling it would mean keeping up on a much tighter schedule than I had hoped.

For my use alone, it really doesn’t bother me if one or two of the 22 services are not working for a week. But I’m quite sure people who have paid me for the software wouldnt be so care-free.

So, either I scrap plans to release it, or consider releasing it as a subscription, cuz I’ve got to keep my programmer in style. I hate it when this stuff happens.
screenshot1  social bookmarking screenshot 2 social bookmarker 3


  1. Mark Hayes says:

    Do you need a beta tester? I would like to help on this project.
    Thanks Mark

  2. Kyle Griffin says:

    I am kind of new to social bookmarking but social bookmarks presents great resource when doing research.—

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