I was wrong about those Instant Adsense sites…

Earlier this month, if you recall, there was a bit of a scuffle between the owners of Private Label Montly and Joel Comm about his Instant Adsense Templates.

The resolution involved giving a copy of the $200 adsense package to every PLM member. So, I decided to bite the bullet and renew my defunct membership in PLM for two months to get the template packs for sixty some odd bucks.

On Thursday I uploaded 23 of the adsense sites, completely unedited, to an unused PR4 domain, and worked some tag and ping magic, and roughly 48 hours later I’ve made $30 and change from those sites.

Not at all bad. It looks like I’ll easily make back my investment.

What I was wrong about, though was this:

I didn’t buy Instant Adsense Templates because I read that they use tables instead of CSS, making their claims of being perfectly optimized false

While this may just be an anomoly, my CTR for those sites is well over 30%, which makes them pretty darn well optimized for Adsense.

And I don’t know how much better I’d be doing for SEO with a pure CSS site, but I do know, thanks to my existing PR4 domain, I’m already ranking in the first page of Google’s SERPS for several work at home type terms, which is also bringing me traffic.

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