Child of the Surf

Today, as I was trying to impress upon my son that it’s irresponsible for him to just expect his mom to replace every toy he loses or disassembles, I realized that my kid has everything. I mean everything.

And that made me feel a little guilty for not helping those with nothing.

So, I decided that the proceeds of this blog will go to sponsoring children who have far less than my very fortunate son.

I went to World Vision’s site, and saw Milton from Bolivia.


Bolivia is the poorest south american country, and one with a very corrupt bureaucracy and a government enamoured with socialism, which means it’s a really lousy place to be poor.

If $35 bucks each month will make his life better, I am glad. And if sponsoring Milton helps me teach my son how very fortunate he is, that’s good too.

Milton is the first Child of the Surf.

And if I start squeaking more revenue from this site, I’ll just sponsor more. And more.

I’m looking forward to this…

(Incidentally, I’m only about $10 shy of another child of the surf this month… anyone care to pick up a copy of GoTryThis or WP Themerator before you go?)

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