What I’ve learned from Instant Adsense Templates

I was skeptical, to say the least.

In fact, I was convinced these sites wouldn’t bring in more than a few pennies a day in Adsense revenues.

But I put a bunch of them online anyway.

The stats below show a domain where I placed 23 of Joel Comm’s Instant Adsense Templates. The domain, just to reveal all, has been around for many years, and has a Google PR of 4, so I wasn’t starting from scratch. Still, this surprised me:

Instant Adsense Templates Stats

I took this screenshot just after noon on Tuesday, and I see I’ve broken the $100 mark on those 23 sites.

So…. to what do I owe this success?

1) The pre-existing domain, and choosing subfolders instead of subdomains.
It would have taken much longer to get in Google’s SERPs if I had chosen a new domain for each site, or a subdomain which also would have gotten sandboxed.

2) The sites I chose were all tech/computer/gadget related, which make the best candidates for Tag and Ping traffic. I have been bookmarking one page from each site per day with 22 bookmarking services (the lesser known services providing the best traffic… but that’s a post for another day).

3) I was wrong, and these sites are particularly well designed to encourage AdSense clicks.

So, now that I’ve learned something, I’m going to apply it. The next few sites I build are going to :

  • Be on tech topics
  • Be hosted in folders of established and indexed domains
  • Be tag and pinged regularly.
  • Be modeled after these dorky looking templates.

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