UltraBookmarker is finally done

At least, the first public release of UltraBookmarker is finally done.  To preserve some exclusivity to the pre-release offer price, you’ll have to find the url to purchase it in the Warrior WSO forum, or by signing up to my list at http://www.hitminder.com (the url is in the PS of the very first message).

I have to say that getting it to public release mode has been a challenge, but very worth it.

I’ll only be offering maximum 100 copies at this way-too-low price, so you might want to check it out soon!

One comment

  1. Will says:

    Looks like a nice bit of kit. I can’t help but wonder where this sort of software is taking us though..

    Won’t the social bookmarking sites eventually be overrun by people advertising their wares? At what point does it become spam? I can see it in a few months time – cialis, pharmaceuticals and lonely housewives filling del.icio.us and it’s peers to the gills. When that happens, what can we do to separate out the spam?

    It happened with blog comments, and it will happen with social bookmarking, and it’s exactly the reason that social bookmarking sites are trying to stop their users from automating the submission process.

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