Getting links to your site… uncommon sense

Today I was talking to someone who said, “I spent 14 hours yesterday submitting my website address to directories and search engines…”

And I thought, “well, that’s one way to get links.”

But if you’re going to spend THAT much time, why not think outside the box?

For example, you could make WordPress or Blogger templates and give them away free as long as they leave your link intact.

Or, if you’ve got a few articles, pull together a quick AdSense site with them plus a few other articles, give it away or sell it really cheap (try the Warrior Special Offer forum for a ready-made market) with your links embedded. I would personally give it away free, with the only stipulation being that if they wanted to be notified of the next free Adsense site I gave away, they’d have to send me the URL where they posted this one.

Lets see, what else do people want… how about a free script or two for their website as long as your link remains.

Or, a cool widget that can do something they might like… like make a tag cloud, or site map, or rotating adsense images? Anything that you can offer that will let you embed your URLs in their sites.

The gist of this message is that if you want links, you can get more of them easier by creating something people want, then letting THEM come to YOU.

Most of these strategies would take far less than 14 hours of work at the front end, and would likely bring in far more incoming links and traffic than directory submission ever will.


  1. Paul says:

    Been reading your blog for a while now. Just a quick note to say I appreciate the way your mind thinks more and more. Great post. Great ideas. Thanks.

  2. Toni says:

    Just came across this site.
    You ideas are quite good. I never thought about designing templates that way.

  3. gigi says:

    came across your blog, been reading it and like the way you surf the mind.
    About links for newbie interneters its very confusing. may be you can shed some light on some useful and quick ways (without technical mumbo jumbo) to get quality and relevant links. no link services.

  4. PLRFAST says:

    Excellent, I found

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