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It seems that people really, really want incoming links. I don’t know how many people reading this actually will follow through and DO the things that will lead to tons of incoming links, but I’ll throw some more ideas out there anyway, for those who DO have the motivation.

 1) Articles. Yep, articles with links back to your site. They actually work to some degree, as long as 1) they are well written and specific, 2) they are in a niche that is at least moderately well covered by other marketers building their sites.

2) Articles on steroids… would be to not just distribute articles, but to create a few variations of a full Adsense-optimized website with multiple links to you.  

3) Templates… This works too. Create WordPress templates, blogger templates, vbulletin templates, myspace templates, neopets templates… whatever floats your boat, and give them away as long as a link to your website is maintained.  (In some cases, you can even sell the template and require the link. I just paid $160 for a vbulletin template. The terms state that the link back must stay unless I pay another $120 to remove it.)

 4) Template Adaptations— A thought for those with some HTML knowledge but no design ability – adapt templates for your favorite tool, whether it be Instant Niche Site Builder or XSite Pro.

5) Organize the unorganized : If you don’t know how to do either 3 or 4, why not find a tool where templates are scattered hither and thither and compile a directory of all the best templates. A well organized template directory site is easy link bait.

6) RSS. I don’t mean putting feeds on your site, I mean offering a really solid daily article, recipe, craft, themed photo, or other valuable tidbit via RSS that other people can host on their site. Include your link in every article, and you’ve got a one-way link, and the webmasters using your feed get free evolving content they can monetize.

7) Syndicate a database of …. anything. If your site is focusing on fishing rods, why not create a widget that people can plug in to their websites that offers a search of fishing rod repair shops by location? You can include a “widget by” link to get the return from the main widget and any results pages too. You’re offering solid, useful content to webmasters that use the widget, and in return you’ll get plenty of front page high profile links to your site. And depending on the complexity of your content, I’d bet you could have something built for under $100 on RentACoder. And if your widget gets a lot of use, you could charge repair shops for inclusion in the database.

8) Reciprocal linking. It’s not dead, it just needs to be more discriminate. Try SiteSell’s Value Exchange for a way to exchange links that doesn’t turn your links pages into a liability instead of an asset.

9) Buy links… but not necessarily through text link brokers. Why not find a blogger with a closely related subject and offer them cash to link your site to every instance of “keyword” on their website.  You could even offer a WordPress plugin that does the work for them automatically — just follow along with this tutorial and change ‘fu’ and ‘bar’ to ‘keyword’ and  linked keyword and you’re home free.

10) Social Bookmarks – ok, I know this is probably self-serving, but it does bring links and traffic, so just check it out :)  

My son wants me to color with him now, so that’s where I’ll leave off. Use your imagination to come up with variations. If you offer webmasters something that’s valuable to them, you can get links back. Not just links on hidden link directories and invisible pages, but solid, high profile links.

But you have to take the time or money to create, invent, or develop something worth the link first.





  1. Tahir says:

    Just came across your site by accident. Love your posts about linking and particularly the articles about Tagging. Thanks for the valuable info and have bookmarked your site for future… Now to read through some of your other articles….

  2. What about links in blogs? Baring in mind, of course, that MSN have apparently started reading the “rel=’external nofollow'” tag and Google & Yahoo! are apparently ready to follow suit, but also that not all blogging software adds the nofollow attribute to external links.

  3. Stu says:

    Good post. I’ve been thinking about hacking together a WordPress theme, this just might have given me the motivation to do it.

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. jin says:

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