Where the people are…

In my little town, we’re in the middle of election campaigning. Hopeful mayors and council members are going door to door and dropping off pamphlets and flyers at an insane pace. They’re desperately trying to get in touch with everyone.

Yet, with all that footwork, one mayoral candidate made a surprisingly dumb move over the weekend.

You see, on Saturday, all the stores and offices on the main street downtown had a ‘mini-halloween’ celebration, with kids and their parents going from store to store to get treats.

The candidate I’m writing about has his campaign office right in the middle of that downtown strip. Yet, during the three hours of the downtown trick-or-treat, his office was closed. He was out going door to door, when hundreds of parents and their kids were filing right past his door.


And then I thought… tomorrow, hundreds of kids are going to be coming to my door. I’m going to give them candy, but why not package it up in a small bag with a marketing message on the front? Or staple it together with a business card if you provide a local service? If you don’t have a product or service that would appeal to a broad range of people, why not make a quick ad for a ‘work at home’ course or product that you’re an affiliate of?

Most of the time, you have to go to the people Every once in a while the people will come to you. Take advantage of those times.

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