Adsense Nixes Pics

Sadly, one of my favorite WordPress plugins is a little less useful after Google decided to get tough with its rules on putting images beside adsense blocks.

The really sad thing is that I really like the way Adsense Beautifier made my post pages look… regardless of the increase in clicks.  So, rather than get rid of the beautifier altogether, I changed the image to one solid block of a windsurfer, which I thought looked pretty cool too.

Will clickthroughs suffer? Maybe. Does it comply with the new rules? The image isn’t lined up, or related to, the Adsense ads, so I believe so, but I’ve asked Google via email to confirm.

Sigh. So long funky beautifier pictures.

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  1. Riley says:

    Well that really stinks, I was liking that idea. I can see why they nixed it but I still don’t like it.

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