How to Use InfoGoGetter to easily import batches of InfoGoRound articles into XSitePro.

I admit I was slow to jump on the XSitePro bandwagon. I already know HTML, CSS, PHP, and a variety of other acronyms, so how could a website creation tool like XSitePro help?

The simple answer was that, although I can easily make sites that way, I can make the same sites FASTER with XSitePro, leaving me more time for other things.

I didn’t buy XSitePro for that reason initially. I bought it because people kept emailing me asking me whether my software, Conversionary, worked with XSitePro. Until I tried, I couldn’t give a proper answer. (The answer, incidentally, is YES! it works great with XSitePro.)

But once I started fiddling with XSitePro, I found that it’s a powerful tool for creating websites quickly, and adding to them effortlessly. All I needed was to find the content.

I’ve had an InfoGoRound subscription since the service launched, and I’m quite happy with the content, so I began there. I started by copying and pasting from the site into XSitePro… but it was very time consuming, especially when special characters and extra line breaks and other oddies crept in.

Then I discovered the Import Pages feature of XSitePro, and I realized that my own free software, InfoGoGetter, would be perfect for quickly gathering and formating articles for batch import into XSitePro. This tutorial will show you how it works.

First, you’ll need a copy of InfoGoGetter, a freeware application you can download from

Unzip the executable to your desktop for easy access.

You should also download this zip file [] which includes a PDF version of this information along with a template to use for creating pages for XSitePro to import. The page should look something like this:


Once you’ve got InfoGoGetter unzipped and your template in a place you can easily find it back again, start up InfoGoGetter and sign in with your InfoGoRound username and password. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll be able to enter keywords as well as the number of articles you want to retrieve that match those keywords. For this example, I’m going to build a site about Ebay selling. Hitting the Go button will generate a list of results.

IGG search

Double clicking on any title will allow you to read the article, make quick changes, and save it into a template.

Click on the “Browse” button beside the Template Path field, and you’ll open a file browser window. Find the template that came with this package, and click on it. Choose your preferred file extension (I usually pick .html), and then Generate when you’re ready to save the file.

pick a template

You can repeat this process for as many articles as you wish. All your articles will be saved in a folder on your desktop (or wherever you ran the InfoGoGetter executable from) that’s named with today’s date.

Once you’ve generated pages from all of the articles you want to use, open up your project and website in XSitePro. Choosing the Other tab will bring up a screen with a variety of small boxes with different options and features. The box you need is called Import Pages (Power Pack). This allows you to import your pages directly into your XSitePro website.

xsp import

In the form that appears once you click, choose the folder with your InfoGoGetter generated articles, and choose whether you’d like the pages to appear under a parent page, or on a particular menu.

Once you’ve chosen your options, go ahead and import the pages. You can then see all your new pages in the “Web Pages” tab of XSitePro, where you can decide whether or not to add keywords, change the description, and add Adsense.

now they're there
Your title, headline, and article will have imported flawlessly, so all that’s left after any small tweaks is to publish your new pages!


  1. Very interesting. I’ve been looking into xsitepro, but something like infogetter integration makes it a no-brainer.

  2. Nice Article. I like the way you move. You know XsitePro 2.0 is out on 20. May. We are waiting for this fantastic software. I will try your software and will leave an other comment. thx

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