It’s like a Live-in Copywriting Coach (that you don’t have to feed!)

It’s an interesting phenomenon. I can write lots of things quite well, but when it comes to sales copy, I tend to hire a pro to do it for me.


Sometimes it’s because I’m too close to the project. Other times I just can’t find the right combination of words. There’s a balance that needs to be created between hype and salesmanship. There are words to stress, and words to avoid. And usually, my brain is too full to remember all those things when writing a sales letter.

But, today I downloaded a fascinating application called ScribeJuice that might just change my habits.

Within an hour of installing the program, I’ve improved three of my existing sales pages immensely, and begun a complete rewrite of another.

It’s like my regular web page editor, with all the features I need to create a nice looking page, along with tools to analyze all your copy, a scrolling bar filled with power words, and a way to measure your hype and power ratios.

And then I thought… does this just work for sales letters? Would it work for articles too?

So, I started a new page and pasted in a PLR article I was planning on using.

I ran the suggestion tool on the article text, and within minutes, I had changed the article for the better, and made my signature block zing. Not only will this help avoid duplicate content penalties in the search engines, but unlike other content spinners, this will actually improve your writing, making your articles more effective, and increasing your chances of receiving links from your signature or embedded links.

I know it’s cliche to say this, but I DON’T promote a lot of products. I NEVER promote anything I don’t think will be useful six months from now.

I KNOW ScribeJuice will be useful today, six months from now, and even years down the road. I’m certain I will be using it on emails, sales letters and articles every week.

Take a look. Give it a try. It’s got a solid guarantee, and some reputable folks behind it.

And it might be the most useful product you’ll buy all year.


  1. XY says:

    Greetings, I have a few comments on your theme blacknblue, which btw is really beautiful.

    The link back to this site isn’t working properly (I think the problem is that it’s relative when it should be absolute).

    And I think the blog title would look slightly better if it had a nuisance of blue in it rather than being completely white. (Just my opinion, you may have considered and rejected that. And the theme is great as it is.) I may (if allowed) change that myself on my blog.

  2. Jip says:

    The question that tickles my mind is as follows: Do you get anything from ScribeJuice guys for this advertising post? No big deal; just curious.

  3. Olivia Smith says:

    Copywriting is also a skill that takes years of practice to become very effective in advertising what you are selling and ;:-

  4. Gate Latch  says:

    copywriting is my other job and it actually pays well just like my day job:-:

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