Well, here I am again

After a long hiatus, during which I accidentally deleted this blog in a spurt of hard drive purging, I’ve decided to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

The time away has been fun. I’ve taught my son how to read. I’ve read some wonderful books. I’ve built an igloo, gone horse back riding, flown kites, put up some new bookcases, slept in on Tuesdays, and learned to love my iPod.

But events have transpired to draw my attention back to Internet marketing and online promotion.

I can’t say I’m sad about it. There is something incredibly exiting about the immediacy of online sales. But now I’m a little behind the times with a lot to accomplish, so I think I’m going to miss sleeping in.


  1. Ria Ludy says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere Wendy. Oh and just where exactly did you build an igloo?

  2. Sandra says:

    Welcome back. Wondered where you have been. Like the new look of the blog. Or at least I don’t remember it looking like this.

  3. wendy says:

    Thanks Ria. A friend of mine had just the right place for an igloo in a rural part of Ontario. The biggest lesson I learned is that when you’re making an igloo, make it as small as possible. My body ached for days after spending 8 hours building one that would fit four adults.

    Sandra, thanks! The look is new, since I deleted the entire directory of my old blog (though not the database, so I was able to restore all the old stuff).

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