Feeling Rusty

I haven’t done anything in the field of Internet marketing since November 2006. My existing sites are still rolling, and proving the value of promoting physical and evergreen products with real, non-spammy sites, my income from those sites hasn’t diminished more than one or two percent since that date.

But now, faced with starting a new project, I feel rusty.

So, I thought I’d bone up on a bit of reading at the Warrior Forum (It seemed more helpful and interesting to me before. Not so much now. Is it just me?), pull out some old software to see if it still works, and find an interesting marketing list or two to join for ideas.

Thanks to a pointer from Belle, I downloaded Jeremy Palmer’s free High Performance Affiliate Marketing ebook, and printed it off to get me back in the ‘zone’.

Any other ideas on lists to join, software to buy, or information to scour? I’m not looking for overload, but I did notice that the keyword software and article submission software I was using two years ago no longer works, and I’m a lot behind in the web 2.0 marketing world….


  1. Ria says:

    For keyword research either Nichebotclassic.com or freekeywords.wordtracker.com

    The WF is still good, you just have to search deeper for the good stuff.

    Sorry, can’t really help with Web 2.0.

  2. wendy says:

    Thanks Ria! It’s nice to see that the free NicheBot is still around. Between those two tools, I think I’ve nailed down my niche and keywords.

    I’m going to see if I remember how to use XSitePro and build the site with that.

  3. Mark S. Eldon says:

    I recommend you check out James Brausch’s blog, http://www.JamesBrausch.org

    I find it much clearer and focused than most of the junk on Warrior Forum.

  4. wendy says:

    Thanks Mark, I’ve joined his blog notification list. I also see he’s got some article submission software that looks a little old, but I’ll do some research to see if it’s still viable.

  5. Janet Butler says:

    Speaking of James Brausch, I love his blog too. I would recommend checking out his Freedom Business System. It’s a great product.

  6. Sandra says:


    One place that I would suggest checking out is earn1kaday.com. It is a very good community and they keep up on the latest happenings. It is a monthly membership but has been well worth the modest investment (at the level I got in at). You might want to join for one month and see if it is worth your while.

    For web 2.0, get Michelle McPhearson’s Social Media Daily. Last I saw it is a free download from her website (name and email address needed).

    As for the warrior forum, I have found it to be too big a time consumer to dig for the gold nuggets these days. I only go there when a particular thread or wso is recommended from someone I trust.

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