Do you have more than one blog?

As I’m surfing through some of the nifty ways to increase blog traffic through Entrecard, MyBloglog, and similar sites, I wonder how people with multiple blogs are using these services.

Do you simply promote one blog on entrecard, or do you switch profiles half way through the day and drop with your other profile? Do you have one profile saved in Firefox, one in Opera and one in IE, then surf different topics with different browsers?

It’s not likely to be beneficial to drop your jet skiing blog card on an Internet marketing blog entrecard. Nor is it going to do you much good to have your dog care profile show up on jet skiing bloglog visits.

I’m getting my linkage all mixed up. Does anyone have a good suggestion?


  1. Jack Stone says:

    I can’t understande how some people can manage their blogs at once, do they have a live to live

  2. wendy says:

    I think that if you have more than one blog, you either need to make it your full time job (if you want to update each several times a day) OR post once a day or less on each and still have a life OR get your blog content from sources other than yourself.

    I’m finding that the different Firefox profiles are working really well for me. I have my ‘home’ profile, where I log into my personal Gmail, have my logins for my clients set, etc. And then I have a profile for this blog — which includes a login for Entrecard, Delicious, StumbleUpon, BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog so that when I surf and do my IM-ish stuff online, I show a consistent online ‘face’.

    When I work on my other project du jour, I’ve got custom logins for all those services and more on a consistent profile for that niche.

    I make sure my marketing-type surfing gets done under this profile, and my ‘other niche’ surfing is done with the other.

    It works quite well, and it partitions my time quite reasonably as well… no longer do I stop my client work to do surfing for either of my other ‘profiles’, and when I’m on one profile, I’m single-minded in my surfing.

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