Back in the world of the PageRanked!

Thank you Google. Although I knew a lot of the old links pointing here were still active, looking at a “No PageRank information available” for this site in my toolbar was getting me down.

Now that they’ve got some information, they’ve decided I’m worth a 4. Not as good as I was ranking when I deleted this site, but respectable nonetheless.

Alexa too, is showing signs of improvement.

When I re-installed the blog on, Alexa had me ranked at around 2.5 million. My 3 month average still isn’t great, but at least my 1 week stats are showing me at just over 500,000. Not a bad place to be a mere two weeks after deciding to start blogging again.

The PR I’m going to attribute to existing links that hadn’t gotten changed. The Alexa improvement I’m mostly attributing to Entrecard, which I’m finding to be an absolutely fascinating tool.

I’m still a little too busy to blog daily, so I can’t imagine my stats will skyrocket any time soon, but the progress is reassuring that I didn’t destroy a perfectly respectable, high ranking site with reasonable traffic that day when I hit the delete button.


  1. Hock says:

    Great blog design! I found your blog through Entrecard. I just apporoved your ad. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    How about a little more about Entrecard? I hadn’t heard of it before your posts.

  3. Well good for you, it just did’nt flew away.. I hope it never will .. nice blog you got.. wish you luck and success..

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