Protecting Adsense Revenue

I’ve been thinking, lately, about the possible ramifications of a rival or pissed off friend sabotaging my life by clickbombing Adsense links on my site.

It’s not that I regularly annoy my friends (I hope!), but there are certainly a few burned bridges in my past.

So, I was happy to find a solution when I Googled for possible solutions. I was even happier when I saw that AdSense Shield was free.

I’m going through the documentation now, and my understanding of the script is that it shows Adsense until the user clicks on one of them, after which the ads on your page are replaced by something other than Adsense — whether it be YPN ads or something you create yourself.

I’m going to install it on one of my sites tonight at 2am, when Google switches to the next day’s stats, and I’ll report on how and if it affects my earnings after a few days.


  1. I look forward to reading about your results!

  2. Jeff Miller says:

    I also await your conclusions.

    I’m glad I read this blog, this is the first I’ve heard of AdSense Shield.

  3. Andrew says:

    Likewise – it will be interesting to see the effect it has.

    Thanks also for the AdSense Shield link.

  4. Teli Adlam says:

    This certainly sounds like an interesting tool. Will definitely be waiting to see your results; in the meantime, I’m going to download it and test it out on a site or two as well. 🙂

    ~ Teli

  5. igoddess says:

    Looking forward to reading your results from this experiment!


  6. Great post, I like it, I have bookmarked it!

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