Adsense Shield — Results so far.

I promised some results in my last post about Adsense Shield. I’ve been slow to write, not only because I’m on vacation, but because I’m not sure WHAT to report.

In case you haven’t read the last post, Adsense Shield is a script that is supposed to protect your Adsense site from clickbomb attacks… where someone clicks on your ads over and over in an attempt to get your Adsense account shut down. I set the script up on one of my sites to see if it affected overall Adsense earnings.

First of all, I haven’t noticed a drop in clicks, CTR, eCPM, or earnings for the site I added the code to. So, if it is working to protect my site from Adsense clickbombing, it’s not having a detrimental effect on revenue at all.

I do feel weird that it’s a piece of software I can’t really test once its installed, since doing so would mean I’d be clicking on my own ads. So, I’m trusting that the absence of error messages is a good sign and the script is working on my pages as well as it did on the test page.

Now that I’ve seen that it doesn’t decrease revenue, I’ll probably add it to my other sites when I’m back from vacation. I’m not at all sure how it’ll work on a WordPress blog, but I’ll figure that out when I get to it.

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  1. I dont see what is suppose to change or happen?

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