Refresh Evergreen Content on your WordPress Blog

If your blog is news-oriented, this isn’t for you. However, if your blog contains a lot of evergreen articles and how-to information, you should definitely take a look at the Reposter WordPress Plugin. Reposter will take the articles from a category you select (ideal if you’ve got a ‘tutorials’ section!) and re-publish your old articles on a schedule you supply.

It’s pretty simple to use. Once you’ve activated the plugin, click on Settings to see the Reposter tag. From there you’ll get an administration screen with all your categories listed, and options beside each one.

Reposter doesn’t change the URL of the post, so your old links and search engine links will remain. It does update the post date and re-ping the article, so you get fresh new traffic from last year’s work.

A great idea to drive traffic back to brilliant posts of the past.


  1. This is a nice plugin. I wonder if there really isn’t any penalty for reposting, but like you said, it really only changes the date. With the URL the same, it wouldn’t look like duplicate content or anything….hmmm..

    I will have to try this one. It would work great for a freebie blog.

  2. Pet Snakes says:

    Very interesting post, I love finding a good quality blog thats not full of rubbish. I would love to do a link exchange.

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