A final lesson… email can be more powerful than a phone call

I have, for more than a week, been trying to get some resolution from the hotel I mentioned in earlier posts by telephone. I was, I suppose, of the belief that a phone call would be more effective than email. And in some cases it is. But today, out of frustration, I pulled open a Google search to dig out some relevant email addresses. I sent an email to the Assistant Manager I had been dealing with, and copied the email to the hotel’s General Manager AND the customer relations department of the hotel chain’s head office.

A half a dozen phone messages couldn’t get a call back from the hotel in six days. An email worked within six minutes. Not only did I receive a phone call, but my issues were resolved nearly instantly.

What was in the email? Simply a note to say that I was dismayed with the lack of contact, that I thought I had been lied to when the hotel management said they would quickly resolve the issue, and a promise to share my negative experience on hotel review sites on the Web. I believe that it was the fact that the mail was sent to his superiors rather than the content of the message that spurred the Hotel manager into action, but the accusation of deception and dishonesty on the part of the hotel probably helped as well.

In any case, all’s well that ends well. And as a final takeaway, I’ve learned the power of a well distributed email to achieve results.


  1. Email sure can be an effective tool if used correctly.

  2. In email , the reader can read what we want to says, but in the phone call usually miss with many conversation.

  3. Petula says:

    Yes, I learned that an email/written communication can do the trick. I usually procrastinate about calling and get a little irritated when I can’t handle something over the Internet.

  4. shaunjudy says:

    I can agree with the fact that email is more powerful. Most people rather receive an email or text verses a phone call.

  5. Jen says:

    omg I agree isn’t it crazy! LOL

  6. Hey very good information. Will come back again – taking the feeds also, Thanks.

  7. Health Beds says:

    The written word is still just as powerful. Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.

  8. Its the influence of the net and the reviews you can get, that keeps corporates on their toes. Thus an email becomes more potent.

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