A Small Publisher Can Be a Good Springboard To A Big Publishing Contract

The book publishing industry today is going through something of an upheaval. The big six book publishers are wary of ebooks, and more likely to buy into a sure thing than a good thing, and even less likely to jump to sign a book or author that’s off the beaten track.

But self-publishing and micro publishing have been booming because of this. Many authors are choosing to publish themselves in digital and print on demand formats and then trust in their own promotional and marketing skills to find readers, reviewers and customers.

For those that are not keen on working out the intricacies of formatting a book for Epub and Kindle, or figuring out whether they need and ISBN, and how and where to submit their books, there are a large number of micro-publishers springing up that will take care of that. Some even will offer a small advance.

If, between you and your publisher, you can generate enough sales to stand out in your genre, it should be possible to approach larger publishers with your book and its sales history. If your sales are strong enough, the big publishers won’t wait for you to approach them, they’ll come and find you.

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  1. Sound, simple, straightforward advice for anyone looking to break through as a writing. I also like the fact that you went immediately to the point. Self publish and who knows…!

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