2012: A look back

2012 is behind us, and I for one am thankful. The year was not kind to me and my family, and I’m pleased to say good riddance to it.

It was a year of financial hardship. I don’t recall any time in my life, even as a poor student, that I’ve had less money. (Thanks a bunch, Google.)

On the plus side, I’ve learned how to coupon and be exceptionally frugal. Hopefully that skill will serve well to help me dig myself out of credit card debt once money begins rolling in again.

It was a year of personal loss. In the early days of September, my much-loved brother died. I still have not entirely dealt with the loss. Thinking about him still causes pain. Heck, even the word September brings me to tears. There is no plus side to Gerry’s death.

It was also a year of pride. I have an amazing son who continues to surprise me with his resourcefulness, kindness, and hard work.  In 2012 he began coaching karate, got his first job delivering papers, learned how to program in Java, and became a sixer in his cub scout pack.

I expect 2013 will be a mixed bag, like every year, of good and bad. Still, all signs point to a more promising and happy year than the one we just said goodbye to.

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