Gardening With Politicians

Heading back to my community garden plot to water my less-than-happy plants, I found myself keeping company with a local politician. The weird thing about conversations with politicians (not that there aren’t a lot of weird things I could say about politicians in general) is that they seem to need to say their name, given and surname, as frequently as possible in any conversation.

Since I am not a politician, I am quite content to introduce myself with only my given name. After all, a casual introduction at a garden plot does not require any follow-up communication that would require a surname, phone number, or any other details about me.

But after half-introducing myself as “Wendy” and accepting the surname-included introduction of the politician, I somehow felt as though I had been rude by not offering my full name.

There are a number of people that I know only by their first names. Unless I’m very much mistaken, they don’t have any idea of my last name either, yet at least once a week or so we greet each other and have a chat about life, the weather, the number of spider parts allowed in a box of cereal, and other non-essential topics.

And now I’m left wondering if we’ve all been stunting our potential careers in politics by not ensuring that every last person we meet is aware of our full name and middle initial. Mine is J. by the way. Can I count on your vote?

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