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Specializing in writing for SEO, I have written for clients on topics as diverse as HVAC, lightning detection, oral health and forklift purchasing. If you are looking for well-researched articles on any topic, drop me an email with your requirements and I’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.


An overhaul of a legacy site, updating the database and coding in addition to making the layout modern and responsive. http://www.publishingcentral.net

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A new website for this local new and used tire dealer.

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Print Ad

My client was looking for a festive ad to put in the Amherst Bee’s “Buffalo Spree” magazine over the holidays.

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Dalerose Homes.ca

A desperately needed update to a local homebuilder’s dated website, the new site is responsive, social and easy to maintain.

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Nu2u Renovations

A new roofing and renovation company required everything from a logo to business cards, invoices, social media accounts and a website.

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3 Signs Your Company Should Upgrade to a Multifunction Printer

Every business needs equipment to run efficiently, including a printer, scanner, photocopier, and (in all likelihood) a fax machine. Some offices prefer each of these machines to exist separately. For

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Online Health Records: Easy Access for Doctor and Patient

You’ve heard about the online health records incentives offered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and various insurers. You’ve also heard about the benefits of storing patient

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5 Elements of a B2B Telemarketing Company Worth Hiring

In the hunt for quality B2B outbound telemarketing, you’ll find a lot of options on the table when making your initial search. Make sure the company you choose has all

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United Church of Canada Yellowhead Presbytery

A new layout was desperately needed for the Yellowhead Presbytery, but the site is tied to a platform better suited to 1990s style websites. With a few workarounds and hacks,

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Social Media Monitoring for Business

Social media is a necessity for business. It has also become a necessity in the world of customer service. A valuable means of communicating with clients, the recent popularity of

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