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Specializing in writing for SEO, I have written for clients on topics as diverse as HVAC, lightning detection, oral health and forklift purchasing. If you are looking for well-researched articles on any topic, drop me an email with your requirements and I’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

How to Get the Best Deal On Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing fees are simply a cost of doing business today. The amount of those fees, however, depends greatly on how well you research credit card processing costs before

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B2B Article: What Business Owners Need To Know Before Returning Leased Copiers

Many business owners like the convenience of leasing a copier rather than purchasing the equipment outright. A lease allows them to easily upgrade to a more advanced model every few

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Ondrack Cartons

A family-owned company buying and selling used corrugated cardboard boxes in the Edmonton area. OndrackCartons.ca

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Maid Express Mobile

When Google announced that sites that weren’t mobile-friendly would suffer a slight penalty, my client asked me to create an alternate mobile site for her business that wouldn’t harm her

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Beach Bamboo Fly Rods

A responsive site for a custom bamboo fly rod maker on a budget. Based on the WordPress platform, this site — from logo to contact forms — was designed with

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Ease Discomfort When Your Child Is Cutting Teeth

It’s an exciting milestone for parents when their child begins cutting teeth, but it can also be distressing to realize that your baby is beginning a period of irritability and

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Chronic Halitosis: Causes and Cures

It’s hard to say what’s worse—knowing you’ve got bad breath, or having bad breath and not knowing it. The undisputed fact is that having bad breath, or chronic halitosis, can

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Why Buy Medical Inventory Management Software?

In today’s economic environment, organizational efficiency is crucial for success and survival in the marketplace. This article outlines several ways medical inventory management software can improve efficiency in a medical

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Make Sure Your Business Measures the Right Performance Metrics

How do you know your call center is serving your customers well? It seems like you should use the performance metrics sent to you on a regular basis. But determining

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Are Used Skid Steer Loaders the Better Option?

Buying a skid steer loader is a big investment for your business. And when considering the prices of a loader, plus attachments, you may find your budget stretched. Would shopping

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